The following message was distributed by PaS members Bill Kimbel and Kaye Reed on 9 February 2016.

The Time is Now

Dear Colleagues,

In light of today's investigative journalism report in Science in which our own bioanthropological community is now implicated in the expanding and overdue conversation about sexual misconduct in academia, we and an ASU colleague have prepared a statement on this issue. 

While the AAPA has positioned our society's policy statement on sexual misconduct on the society's landing page, each of us can strongly signal to our colleagues and trainees that we stand united in improving the safety of our community and thereby the success of our scholars. 

With these considerations in mind, we encourage you to sign the linked document and add your name to the growing list of colleagues signaling the importance of ending sexual misconduct in academia. 

Link to Statement and Signature Form

Link to List of Signatories 

Link to today's Science article 'The Sexual Misconduct Case that Has Rocked Anthropology" by Michael Balter 

Further links, resources, and steps each academic can take to understand and address these issues can be found in this essay.

We urge you to forward this email to colleagues in our community and/or post links via social media.


Bill Kimbel—Arizona State University

Kaye Reed—Arizona State University